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Eppler Flute Company
: Aleksandr Eppler's flute-making site;
article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (31 October 2005)


The Kaval Melodies of Nikola Ganchev
N. Ganchev was a very important teacher in A. Eppler's life as a kaval player. He feels that this book of music and commentary promises to be the single most important book ever published in the history of the kaval up to the present day and extending into the forseeable future. It has been lovingly assembled in Sofia by competent specialists. May God assist them in this great work!


Theodosii Spassov: kaval composer and performer

Официалната страница на Николай Докторов: кавалджия--солист, художествен ръководител и учител.

Pedro Eustache: flute performer, composer

Izvor Music: Balkan, primarily Macedonian, folk music

Bradley Leighton: jazz/pop flute stylist

The Art of Pan: Ulrich Herkenhoff, pan flutist, classical music

Dajoeri AG Panflötenbau/Verlag, Panflötenschulen, pan flute performer and maker

Societies and Associations:

National Flute Association

American Flute Guild

Seattle Flute Society

East European Folklife Center

Seattle-Bulgarian community

Bulgarian-Canadian Society BC


BNR - Bulgarian National Radio "The Voice of Bulgaria" in Bulgarian, Russian, English...

: popularizing Balkan folklore

National School for Folk Art "Filip Kutev". Национално Училище за Фолклорни Изкуства
"This school is unique! Within it the great future talents of Bulgaria are learning." - Marin Goleminov, composer

Lark in the Morning
: retail stores, articles, events. Specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music, recordings and instructional materials representing over 60 cultures.

Robert Snider Enterprises: Balkan music resources


Lark Camp: Music and dance from the world over

Pacific Coast Jazz
: world-class label for jazz musicians


Deep Down Productions:
"Deep Down Productions has the best world music from folk traditions around the globe: Armenia to Mongolia, from Brazil to the Balkans, from New England Fiddle to Gamelan and the Bulgarian Kaval. DDP offers on-line CD sales recordings services, music production, and digital editing."

1MusicZone.com: "The Number One Of Music Zone is [an] organized alphabetical directory of internet music links and music[-]related web site[s] [from] around the world[,] with over 94,000 listings."

Musical Instruments:

Official site of Veselin Hasbaliev - maker of Bulgarian folk instruments.
Веселин Хасабалиев - майстор на български народни музикални инструменти.


Bagpipes from Bulgaria


Straubinger Fltues


Daniel Papuga's kaval page


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дрянова градина аст от дрянова градина при Еплерска работилницаЧаст от дрянова градина при Еплерска работилница      Текст от Николай Димов
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