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«The Bulgarian kaval is one of the noblest of flutes and presents the most pure manipulation of a column of air for artistic effect».
- Aleksandr Iliev Eppler, kaval soloist and maker

This website is intended to acquaint the public with one of the oldest of European musical instruments, the Bulgarian kaval (an end-blown flute), and one of the most remarkable musicians and craftsmen devoted to it.

It will feature the new kavals Aleksandr Eppler has designed and built as well as many other subjects of interest to those who love the Bulgarian kaval.

Check often for more updates:

Music clips of Aleksandr Eppler on Bulgarian kaval; music notes for kaval



Александъп Илиев Еплер - кавалджия. Publicity photo, 1972
 Publicity photograph of Aleksandr Eppler
for solo kaval concerts.
Bulgaria. 1972

Background on Aleksandr Eppler (part 1)

Александър Илиев Еплер, кавал, Тракия, 1970. Eppler in Thrace
Aleksandr Eppler, Trakia (Thrace), Bulgaria. 1970

The first kaval player to be accepted into the Bulgarian State Conservatory, Aleksandr Iliev Eppler's education and experience is part of the lineage of the Thracian School of kaval playing. This school was transmitted to Eppler through his teachers, the legendary Dragan Karapchanski and Nikola Ganchev. He has passed on this inheritance through teaching hundreds of people around the world to play the Bulgarian kaval.

Бай Драган Карапчански (“Афтанчето”) и Александър Еплер (кавал)л София 1972 г. With Dragan Karapchanski, Sophia, 1972
Aleksandr Eppler with his teacher bai Dragan Karapchanski.
Sofia, Bulgaria.  XI. 1972

Eppler is one of the very few, if not the only, kaval players to have given entire solo concerts, frequently unaccompanied, both in Bulgaria and abroad. He developed a solo repertoire and unique style that could stand up to the demands of the solo kaval concert.

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