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Set of Bulgarian kavals pitched in “Re” (D) and “Do” (C) made by Aleksandr Eppler out of African blackwood (grenadilla) and silver. click to enlarge,
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Eppler Kaval, Bulgarian kaval, Александър Илиев Еплер, майстор на кавали, кавал, kaval, kavali, kavals, maker of kavals
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12. Music Notes for Kaval

«Eppler Traditional Model», «Eppler Model» and «Eppler-system» Kavals

The first two models are available in the following sizes and pitches: piccolo kavals in D and C, "soprano" or "small" kavals in G, F, E, D (the kaval in D is the most common), kavals in D flat and C, and alto kavals in B, B flat and A. "Eppler-system" kavals are only available pitched in D and C at this time.

The "Eppler Traditional Model" is a greatly improved version of the conventional instrument. The "Eppler Model" utilizes many of the improvements of the full “Eppler-system” kaval. The "Eppler-system" kaval is a revolutionary, completely new kaval first built in 1978 and constantly improved since that time. None of the traditional qualities have been sacrificed or compromised. It is still played exactly in the same manner as a traditional instrument despite having 6 added, integrated keys, a total of 14 "active" tone holes (in addition to vent holes) and a complete chromatic range of over 3 octaves.

A short description of the "Eppler Traditional Model" kaval

More detailed information about any models can be supplied on request.

  • made of 25-year-old (or older) aged African Blackwood (Grenadilla wood--U.S.A.) or Cocuswood of the highest quality
  • three-piece traditional Bulgarian configuration
  • all metal parts are solid silver
  • tenons are corked and fitted with protective silver tenon covers
  • modern A = 440 scale using graduated tone holes (i.e., several different tone hole sizes to optimise "ease of playing," resulting in greater volume, intonation, response and stability). Supplied in a hardshell leather covered, velvet lined case with a sewn case cover and wooden swab (cleaning rod).
  • ergonomic design: Every tone hole is individually carved to fit each separate finger, so that in a completely natural "kaval" playing position, with the lightest possible touch, perfect sealing is accomplished. Some of the fingerholes are slightly offset to accommodate the natural position of the fingers on the kaval tube, reducing stress and fatigue. The bores are highly polished, super accurate and sealed (protected). A special hard and tough material (black in colour), in place of the unstable and soft ox horn, makes it dimensionally stable.
  • Many other details of interest have not been noted here because of the limited scope of this description.
Aleksandr Eppler holding the first «Eppler Model» kaval (in C). This photograph was taken after the dress rehearsal for the first performance of «Bulgarian Suite on Thracian Themes» for kaval in C and chamber orchestra, by A. I. Eppler.

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